23.10.2015 - Delivery of 2 certified TLC equipped with the Arctic Trucks AT35M conversion

ASC has recently delivered from its UAE production facility 2 certified Toyota Land Cruisers which have been equipped with the Arctic Trucks AT35M conversion.

The conversion consists of a larger and wider 35” tyre fitted to the vehicle, with modifications to the body-work and wheel-arches to accommodate the tyre. The AT35M conversion improves ground clearance, approach, departure and break-over angles and increases the track width which feed directly into increased mobility.

The foot-print of the tyre is increased which drops the ground-pressure which further feeds into the mobility characteristics of the vehicle across rough terrain of any type to reduce journey times, reduce driver and operator fatigue with increased range, lower fuel consumption and reduced component wear as the tyre assists the suspension in damping.

At the heart of the mobility conversion are Hutchinson 2-piece wheels with VFI Bead-Locker, especially made for Arctic Trucks which provide the vehicle with the most comprehensive mobility when tyres are punctured, the VFI Bead-Locker ensure the tyre bead stays firmly in position against the rim to maintain traction and steering capability.

ASC worked with Arctic Trucks engineers to ensure that the ASC braking and suspension systems would work with the conversion to limit the development impact and this was a great success, it helped that Arctic Trucks have a workshop in UAE since 2009 to enable close support of the project. Significant upgrade work was also undertaken in the drive-train to increase the robust nature of the OEM platform.

ASC have used these AT35M on customer driver training with an immediate impression that the conversion created the most accomplished and safe handling package ever on a Toyota Land Cruiser and has now been added to the customer frame-work agreement as an option.

ASC and Arctic Trucks are now working on other customer projects where the combined expertise of the 2 companies can benefit the customer.


02.01.2015 - ASC Armored Specialty Cars in Dubai

ASC has started manufacturing its certified Toyota LandCruiser in Dubai and has completed the first car this week. Instructed and supervised by three German experts from our HQ in Reutlingen, our colleagues in Dubai have managed to produce a car that is identical with what we are building in Germany and Canada. The next step is for IABG to travel to Dubai to certify ASC´s product and the production process to give our customers the assurance that what we build here is what they expect.

For 2015 we are planning to manufacture 25 to 30 vehicles. Take a look at the attached photos and see for yourself what we were able to create in Dubai. ASC Dubai has raised the bar and set the new standard. We call it “Deutsche Wertarbeit”.